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How To Improve Your Effectiveness In 2020

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Life revolves around growth and improvement. As humans, we are naturally forced to seek improvement because we’re aware of our puniness in a universe of billions of people. We’re also aware of our limited existence, with death functioning as a representation of that reality.

For that reason, we see ourselves trying hard to utilize the available time on our side; trying to be more effective than ever.

Truth is, the universe don’t set us up to be effective; it rather produces people of mediocrity. On the other hand, a life of extreme effectiveness is beyond the ordinary and that’s something we can achieve through our personal discipline.

But unfortunately, some people lack the blueprint on how to build and improve their effectiveness and that’s precisely why I’ve taken much time to bring you this guide.

This guide will expose you to how you can improve your effectiveness, thus, living a life free from mediocrity and petty hassles. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Tips On How To Improve Your Effectiveness

Value Education Over Entertainment

The success of your effectiveness is highly dependent on your level of education. That said, If you can increase the level of your investment in learning, then your effectiveness in life will also be improved. At all cost, you have to value and prioritize education over entertainment.

Entertainment on the other hand is a good thing; it’s one of the best ways we can chill out when we feel pressured from our work life. But the problem is, some people use entertainment beyond moderation.

And because entertainment is something easy and fun to do, it distorts our perception on the difficulties of our daily lives. For that reason, it destroys our mental ability and creative energy, leaving our minds devoid of ideas. In essence, too much of entertainment is capable of making us useless.

Finally, taking the opposite direction by spending time learning from books, seminars, webinars etc. can set you up for an improved effectiveness with long-term benefits.

Submit To Obstacles

Our every day life is filled with obstacles. These are obstacles we have no choice but to surmount if we need to build and live a life of high effectiveness.

Too often, I see people shy away from their obstacles and blaming others for their misfortunes. The fact is, there can never be growth without first struggling against limitations—facing the obstacles.

The world we live in has constricted our actions and experiences, forcing us to always play it safe thus, allowing us access to only a small portion of our reality. But by facing your obstacles you begin to get a dimensional experience of reality—a feeling you’d want to renew over and over again.

A quote I learned from a book states that: “Bad things are fuel. You don’t just want fuel — you need it. You can’t go anywhere without it.”

In light of that, we should accept and appreciate obstacles as an opportunity to educate and improve ourselves. We should also learn to acknowledge and embrace obstacles because it is what builds our mental strength and emotional balance.

In coming to terms with the obstacles of life, we are moving our minds from problem-oriented to solution-oriented. And this mindset is precisely what you need to achieve an extraordinary life of maximum effectiveness.

At this point let me ask you: what obstacle(s) are you facing now? A bad health, low finance, relationships issues, bad boss, indiscipline etc. Whatever your obstacle is, try embracing it and you’ll live to enjoy the satisfaction and benefits that comes from your victory over them.

Stop Living A Normal Life

In this regard, a normal life is a life limited to average, conventional routines: without question, doing what almost everyone does—eat, joke, work, sleep, wake up and then the cycle repeats itself.

That’s why it’s no longer a surprise how majority people of this world have similar problems: boring jobs, too many bills to pay, depression etc. But if you truly want to live a life of advanced effectiveness, you have to level up above this normal routines and start doing the things of the big league—successful people.

You have to read what they read, talk about what they talk about, study what and how they study, learn what they learn. That’s part of the things an effective lifestyle will cost you.

Not all normal people you see around wanted a normal life. Some never had the privilege of meeting the right people to channel them towards an improved, effective life. Some were too lazy to put in the work needed for an effective life. Some met the wrong people(normal people).

It’s good you understand that normal people can’t give you an extraordinary life because they don’t have it and they also don’t know how to get it. For that reason, you no longer have to trust normal people with your life lest you end up like them and I’m sure you don’t want that.

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.” – Darren Hardy

In light of that, why not start now and submit to a disciplined lifestyle—put in the work, follow your path, avoid unnecessary distractions, narrow down your focus etc.

Choose Consistency Over Speed

The success that is built upon consistency will definitely outlast overnight success because it has a stronger foundation. If you want to be successful for a long-term, you must value consistency instead of speed.

Someone once said: “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go with others.” This quote simply means that you need consistency and community in order to reach the far heights of life.

In the course of building an effective life through consistency, it’s best you avoid getting lost in the bigger picture. You instead want to focus more on the smaller details that fits right into the bigger picture.

Also, avoid getting entangled in the smaller details so you don’t loose sense of the bigger picture. The consequences will be nothing but the flip side of the same disease.

Finally, consistency is the key to long-term success. Speed, on the other hand can give you results but these results will only be an illusion when adversities finally put them to test. But depend more on consistency and see how far you’ll finally get.

Always Expect Hard Times And Failures

Life is not a bed of roses. Expect thorns as you walk through the path of life. If you’re expecting to always get it right at the first shot, you’re divorcing yourself from reality.

Many times I see and hear people quit their task because they didn’t get it right the first time; they want an overnight victory, a get-rich-quick scheme etc. And when they don’t succeed like that, they quit and move over to the next task with this same mentality.

This pattern repeats itself until they are finally out of time and reality exposes their life of endless failures.

Every successful person out there failed numerous times. But they are skilled enough to convert their failures to lessons which finally led them up the height of greatness.

Failure is inevitable and so we must be prepared for it. It is a part of life and also serves as a demonstration of our imperfection as humans. The best we can do is strategize on how to accept, appreciate and utilize failure for good. Only then can we enjoy the brighter side of life.

Just understand that everything was hard before it becomes easy. And the easiness of anything only comes from consistent practices. If you fail the first time, why not try a second time, a third time, even a fourth and fifth time. Continue trying to the nth time where it finally becomes easy. That’s the mentality you need for a life of maximum effectiveness.

Wrapping Up

Setting yourself up for an effective lifestyle is quite simple if only you can put in the work.

Truth is, in the course of building a life of maximum effectiveness, you will encounter frustration on different levels. But you don’t have to feel powerless.

As a matter of fact, frustration in your task simply means you’re improving as your mind starts getting exposed to more complex portions of the task.

For that reason, whenever you get frustrated, just know it’s time to work harder.

Just like I mentioned earlier, failure is inevitable. But understand that failure invariably exposes your inherent flaws and inadequacies, also providing you with means of correction.

If you can agree with this reality, your journey to a fulfilled life will be easier than expected. You will enjoy the benefits and pleasures that come from a dimensional experience.

All you have to do is stop the normal way of doing things and start disciplining yourself till you get to a greater point.

Remember: mediocre actions will end you up in mediocre situations—a place where many are still struggling to leave.

On a final note, I want to thank you for going through this article. Feel free to hit us a message if you have any question.

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