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24 Best Office Etiquette Tips You Most know

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Etiquette review/control the way you leave or behave in a particular social groups or polite society, it makes you a cultured individual. Some persons think they are at home, knowing that they are at there office place. Because you spend more time at your desk than you do at home doesn’t mean you won’t respect yourself. But it’s important to remember that work isn’t a place to let loose and forget your manners. I always advise people to be extra conscious in any workspace, “Having good Etiquette at work mostly simply means to be considerate and respectful of everyone around you.”

1. Let there be silent: When playing a music don’t increase the volume keep the volume turned down to a private level or wear a headphone. Keep your computer and phone muted or on silent so that every time you get an email or message it won’t interrupt anyone else’s or alert everyone on your floor. Don’t shout when answering a call because it will distract your coworker, if you have a door close it, if you don’t kindly keep private calls short by saying “i will call you back” or walk to an area/outside that is conducive for personal calls, or call back on your next break.

2. Make your dressing to be perfect: Even if you have a company culture of wearing jeans and trainers to the office, show respect to clothing conduct by avoiding turning up to work in sandals and Bermuda shorts! Even if you don’t have a formal dress code, save the crop tops, flip-flops, see-though shirts for the weekend, no one will take you seriously if you don’t.

3. Think before you reply any question: Does everyone need to take the time out of their day to read your note? When a message sent to the whole company congratulating a team on the great work they did on a project, do not automatically including everyone in your replying message, just include the people you need to.

4. Knock before entering into any office: When your coworker visit you in there office, knock on the door before going in or if the space doesn’t have a door you can knock on their cubical wall. It is a way to tell someone you are there before start speaking or coming in.

5. Be willing to help your co-worker: This is an opportunity to stand out and demonstrate your own knowledge and skills, so an opportunity to make a friend and bring someone to your corner. So if one of your coworker ask you for help in completing a task, you should generally say yes.

6. While eating lunch, avoid bringing smelling food: Eating lunch in the break room remember those sitting around you, avoid bringing foods that splatter or slurp or have a lingering smell that can choke, no one want to walk inside the area/room perceive something strong. If someone is nice enough to bring in food to share with the rest of the office, don’t leave the cleanup all to them, even if you take the last one, wash the dish it came on and make sure it gets back to them. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink, it is nobody’s responsibility to clean it up for you.

7. Don’t use the kitchen too long: Don’t take over the space in the kitchen, remember others need to use there too. Your coworker may prep their lunch in front of the communal microwave after heating up their food, it’s okay to politely call the attention of the person that he/she is taking up the space by saying something like, “Looks nice! Please should i put my in?

8. Don’t crack joke’s when work is going on: Is inappropriate, it shows a total lack of sensitivity. There is time for everything.

9. If you’re sick and contagious, you shouldn’t be at work: You shouldn’t be at the working place, otherwise you risk getting the entire office ill. If you come to the office when you are sick, it does not add in your good rapport rather you disgust people around you as others also become vulnerable to the infections you are carrying.

10. Don’t use the bathroom for calls: Do not use the restroom to socialize, to take long personal calls, whether you need to call your mom or catch up on the latest office news. or treat it as your personal office Squatting, is called a restroom not a rest place or phone-boot.

11. When it comes to opening doors, and getting in and out of elevators: If you are opening a door or entering in the elevator with your boss or your boss’s boss, be sure to hold the door open for them and let them enter first before you follow. Same rules apply to whoever swiped their card to access the door, what matters more is showing respect to people who are more senior to you in your office. If the elevator’s full when someone tries to get out, and you’re in the way, simply exit the elevator altogether and then re-enter.

12. Don’t come late at the meeting: For every minute you think you’ll be late, give two minutes warning. So if you think you’ll be 10 minutes late for the call, email 20 minutes ahead so your colleague or client can adjust their schedule accordingly.

13. Don’t press your phone when you are in a meeting When every you are in a meetings, it’s not advised to be texting or browsing the web. I know is too hard to put down our phones, but it gives off the impression that you are not paying attention and it can reflect poorly on your company if you are in front of a client. Insure to turn off your phone or silent it.

14. Be polite and reply a message in a timely manner: When receiving emails, voice messages, Skype messages, texts and other forms of correspondence from colleagues, reply in a timely manner instead of keeping them waiting. So be sure you’re using language that helps the recipient understand it. Be polite to other people in the office, The words please and thank-you or really appreciate your help! can be used, especially in a working environment.

15. Don’t gossip at your working place: Gossiping can portray you as someone who can’t be trusted or someone who is not a team player, which won’t help you reach your professional goals. Gossiping is one of the cardinal sins of office etiquette.

16. Don’t be afraid to ask questions: Asking question will help you clarify expectations and avoid erroneously completing an entire project only to realize you did it all wrong. So go ahead and ask question, and be sure to truly listen to the answer.

17. Don’t talk back to your boss: Always show your boss respect even if there isn’t much of an age difference, do your part to not be sarcastic or glib. It don’t mean you can’t disagree with them about aspect of the job, a project, or the company’s strategy.

18. Do be flexible: You might be asked to work earlier or later hours than usual, you might be asked to perform duties or tasks that you don’t necessarily want to perform or hired to do. Be willing to roll with the punches demonstrates that you value the company and take your role seriously, which will only help you in the long time.

19. Try to smile with your team: Never underestimate the power of a smile. When you putting a positive attitude about being at work will affect your job performance significantly. Always appear happily, friendly, and approachable at work can do wonders for your career. But remember to keep loud conversation to a minimum, there might be a distraction but you don’t want to become one.

20. Insure to keep personal hygiene: If you have a cough and cold at work, try and help prevent the spread of germs in the office by covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze. Also wash your hands regularly.

21. Avoid overdoing the perfume or aftershave: That said, too much perfume or aftershave can create a sickly aroma in a confined office space. Don’t over wear your favorite perfume, so it won’t affect your co-workers and it won’t be what they can smell/perceive all the day!

22. Mind your body language: Body language speaks volumes in working environments, be aware of your body language even when you are not saying anything. Talking to your coworker with your arms crossed and without making eye contact could be perceived as being rude. Insure you are not listening or taking what you hear seriously, be a better listener.

23. Don’t be late to work: sometime traffic may hold you on the way but insure to let your coworker know that you are missing your deadline. don’t stroll into your working place like nothing happened. How will you feel when you pass though those morning traffic to make it on time at the work and your coworkers just walk in whenever they felt like. When running late, insure to let your team to know and keep them in the loop about your schedule, so they will cover you up.

24. When it comes to throwing out trash and recycling, be considerate of everyone’s space as much as possible: If you go to put your box or recycle in the allocated place/area and you see that it’s overflowing into someone’s work space, think of your colleague and hold off on piling more on. You don’t know where your next desk will be.

This bast office etiquette can help transform you and your company culture and can even result in the difference between business success and business failure.

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