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I understand, you probably must have known this already, but let us assume you were just told that your International Passport is the ultimate ticket you would need to gain entry into any country of your choice and without it, every other international travel endeavour is as good as being vain, how would you handle it; Carelessly? or with the best of care you can give? I can only imagine the answers on the minds of many readers now, but before I proceed with letting you in on the ten best Passport wallets and holders which you may want to check out as a traveller, permit me to pose and also respond to the first and fundamental question which will be of great help to the reading audience

Passport and Passport photograph – knowing the difference.

This one question which may look as simple as the first three letters of the alphabet for many, but for others, it births confusion as to whether that small-sized photograph they take behind red or white backgrounds at Cafes and business centers is what is required to travel out of their country. This may be laughable and totally out of point but it is never a crime to think amiss. It happens, even to the best brains, so if you thought that way before now, this article will be of help to you.

Merriam Webster defines a passport as an official document issued by the government of a country that identifies someone as a citizen of that country and that is usually necessary when entering or leaving a country. This definition is entirely different from what is perceived by citizens of some nationalities who have made It a norm to call passport photographs, Passports. In putting things straight, it should be noted that the document that grants the citizen of a country access to another is called a Passport or International Passport, while the small sized picture taken behind specified backgrounds is known as a passport sized photograph

What are Passport wallets and holders?

Having known what a Passport is and how much it means to any person who wishes to embark on international travel, it would be wise to know also, what travel passports holders and wallet are, and the differences between them if any. Travel wallets are specifically designed wallets manufactured to accommodate every document required for travelling. In addition to this, a good travel wallet also provides a secure space for important cards (Credit cards, National Identity cards, Voters card etc.) currency notes, and can contain one or more Passports, and because of this, a Passport wallet is considered to be larger in size than a regular wallet. These passport holders (or covers) often take the shape of a book cover, and though it is similar in purpose to purses or pouches, it can only accommodate the most important travel document which is your passport, a few cards and a smartphone maybe, depending on the make you go for.

Are passport wallets and holders really necessary?

Of course they are. If you do not want to fall victim of negative travel experiences like packing up and leaving out a vital document or card behind, then you need a travel wallet to stash them all in, this makes your documents secure, easily retrievable and also makes you travel smart. Passport holders particularly protect your passport against external damage which may be occasioned by wear, tear or moisture.

Best 10 travel wallets and holders.

There are so many passport wallets out there in the market yearning for your attention in purchase, and you will be amazed at the varieties you will find from diverse brands because they will surely wow you, but I am almost certain that you will not want to buy them all, so here is the compilation of the ten best passport wallets and holders which may be of interest to you. In no particular order, they are;

  1. Bellroy’s travel wallet: This is unarguably the most expensive travel wallet on this list. It comes with several compartments of sophisticated design weaved from the finest of leather. These compartments can accommodate several cards, your passport, boarding pass, currency notes, a smartphone and a customized pen which comes from the manufacturer for use in emergency situations. One striking attribute of Bellroy is that it is possesses a water resistant zip which ensures that your stuffs are safe from damage which may occur as a result of moisture.
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  • The Victorinox RFID holder: Another high-end travel wallet with simple but classy features. The Victorinox RFID holder has slots which are designed to accommodate just the basics; your passport and a few cards, and you’re good to go. It doesn’t employ a zipping system though, but it has elastic closures which still deliver an excellent job. One major attribute of this wallet model is its incorporation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), a feature which checks and prevents data theft.
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  • The Zerogrid RFID: wallet When it comes to flexibility in storage system, the Zerogrid RFID travel wallet stands tall. With its sleek and lightweight nature occasioned by the use of water resistant nylon as material, the Zerogrid poses very little a problem to travelers who may want to position their wallets somewhere around their back pockets or under their wears. Thankfully, it also comes with a Radio Frequency Identification feature, so identity theft would be the least among your worries after purchasing this model, as it passes for one of the best passport holders.
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  • The Fjallraven passport wallet: You may want to skip trying to pronounce this name now and go straight into reading what you stand to gain by purchasing this passport wallet. Fjallraven is made of 65% polyester which gives it the water resistant nature it has, and a G-1000 canvas fabric which provides toughness, strength and durability. Interesting properties of this model is that it can accommodate a lot more items while still maintaining a slim body frame, it is breathable, and is also protected against ultraviolet rays.
  • The Raynor passport wallet:  Coming from the stables of Herschel Supply Company, The Raynor’s passport is simple in nature, efficient in function and very much affordable for any class of person to purchase. This particular brand of passport wallet is made of 100% Polyester, so you can be sure of its resistance to water and other forms of moisture. The interiors are stylishly laced with compartments for cards and a much larger one for passports. However, what might seem like a con to this is that there is no internal pocket with zips to store coins, and even an external zip to close the wallet is missing there.
image 5
  • The Samsonite zip close travel wallet:  This model of a passport wallet goes a notch higher than the rest and most reviewers posit that it is the best passport wallet for travelers, and the reasons, notable among them include its external pockets which grant easy access to travel documents, its soft texture which appeals to the skin and its comparatively large size which make room for extra documents and cards to tag along comfortably. If you are a family person, or want a passport wallet which would accommodate more than just the basics, then this might be your spec.
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  • The Swiss gear RFID:  If you noticed, this is the third among the collection of passport wallets on this list with the RFID feature, and one deduction one can draw from this is that modern wallet manufacturers are concerned about the value you get with your properties secured, and if they do, then you too should. The Swiss gear RFID passport wallet boasts of a simple but rugged design that preserves the wallet and its contents from physical damage and theft, it also provides a see-through mesh window for your passport within its inner chambers which makes the passport checking process easy.
image 3
  • Travelambo RFID passport case: It’s RFID all the way. The Travelambo RFID passport case is one of the best buys when it comes to passport wallets, judging from the number of positive reviews it has received from customers. This unique model of wallet is made of pure strong leather, bears a simple stylish design, efficient and can carry just the important documents which you need to travel with. Manufacturers of the Travelambo seem to be tech savvy, little wonder why they incorporated the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) which is a security feature to check theft.
image 2
  • ORB Travel family organizer: This is another brand of passport wallet you may opt for if you hope to travel with your family, or just love to carry some extras along. The exterior surface of the ORB is manufactured from neoprene and embedded in it are RFID linings which offer protection against theft. It has properly arranged compartments on the inside for multiple travel documents, and a major zipper on the outside which keeps the wallet contents safe.
image 1
  1. Visconti Hunter 732: The Visconti Hunter is one of the smartest picks on this list. With its interior and exterior parts made of premium leather finely shaped into a portable fold, you are sure to have a good feel while travelling with this product. The 732 model captures a four credit card slot, a side sleeve and a top sleeve which is just okay for the purpose of passport storage. There is no zipper to keep it closed, but the RFID mechanism embedded covers for the security of the wallet.

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